Clients include: -
AA, Asda, Barclays, BP, Britannia Building Soc., Cathay Pacific, Comet, Daily Mirror, The Daily Star, The Daily Telegraph, DHL, Do It All, Duracell, Evening Standard, Fiat, Free Pages, Gillette, Goodyear, The Guardian, Heart FM, Hertz, Halfords, Harvey Nichols, Independent, Jessops, Kleenex, Lloyds TSB, Lowenbrau, MacDonalds, Mars, Mercury, Nationwide, N.W. Airlines, Nissan, Nurofen, One to One, Peugeot, Pizza Hut, P & O Ferries, Post Office, Prudential, RAC, Readers Digest, Rowntrees, Saab, Saga Ins., Sony, The Sun, Sunday Express, Sunday Times, Telewest, Tomy Toys, Toyota, Wispa, Wrigleys, Woodpecker.